Minerva Schools at KGI

United States

Minerva Schools at KGI

United States

Minerva offers higher education for the 21st Century. The innovative undergraduate program combines four years of world travel with rigorous, interdisciplinary study. Together with a diverse group of intellectually curious, international classmates, students prepare for success in the dynamic, global future.

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Minerva’s accredited program provides a liberal arts and sciences curriculum designed deliberately to teach the practical skills students will need to lead, innovate, and solve the most complex challenges of our time.

Based on the science of active learning, Minerva’s intensive classes require full student participation. Each intimate session is conducted on an advanced technology platform, called the Active Learning Forum, which is expressly built to engage students in the course material, through active discussion and collaborative work.

During their first year in San Francisco, students are introduced to an extensive set of learning objectives that underlie four core competencies — critical thinking, creative thinking, effective communication, and effective interactions. Every semester thereafter, they build upon this intellectual foundation while traveling to six new cities around the world.

Students and graduates also gain the benefits of a dedicated Professional Development Agency, which helps with career preparation, promotion of accomplishments, and placement with top organizations in a diversity of fields.

This combination of innovative academics, global cultural experiences, and career preparation enables Minerva students to realize their full potential intellectually, personally, and professionally.

University Application Deadline (Fall 2018 semester)
Deadline for Submitting Online Application November 1 2017 (Early Action)
January 17 2018 (Regular Decision I)
March 15 2018 (Regular Decision II)
Deadline for Submitting Supporting Documents
University Application Guidelines
Format Online through a 3-part application process.
1 - Basic information and academic history
2 - A unique series of thought-provoking challenges
3 - Proof of  past academic performance and accomplishments
Link to online application https://www.minerva.kgi.edu/application/1/
Application Fee None
Official Exams Required
Grades/Transcripts Required Copy of last three years of academic record of study from last educational institution(s) attended to date
Recommendation Letter No
Personal Statement/Essays Required No
Contact Person for AGFE Applicants Naveed Ejaz ([email protected])
Timeline for university admission decisions Binding Application
Four weeks
Non-Binding Application
Early Action - 15th December
Regular Decision I - April 1st
Regular Decision II - April 26th

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Percentage of students on financial aid


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Minerva offers excellent programs for those students interested in the STEM fields:

Computational Sciences 

Computational sciences provide the scientific foundations for making sense of natural, human-mediated, and social phenomena through analytics, computational methods, and modeling. In an age of ubiquitous — and often overwhelming — data, the ability to harness that data to reflect, reach out and make better decisions is increasingly crucial. The Computational Sciences major prepares you to use logic and data analysis to make informed decisions and solve complex problems.

Natural Sciences 

Scientists and engineers use theories and findings of the physical and chemical sciences as well as the biological and biomedical sciences to develop new technologies, improving the lives of millions of people around the world. Making effective decisions in many technology-oriented organizations requires a deep understanding of the natural sciences; the Natural Sciences major gives students the practical knowledge to become leaders and innovators in science and technology-based organizations.

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