Q&A Ahmad W. Mugharbil


Q&A with Ahmad W.Mugharbil

Why did you choose to study this degree?
What makes mechanical engineering unique is its interdisciplinary nature. Mechanical engineers understand the languages of the civil, electrical, and chemical engineers, among others. This interdisciplinary nature opens various opportunities and fields of research after graduation. And personally, I think thermodynamics and electronics are pure fun!

What is one problem in the Arab world you would like to fix and why? 
One problem that I want to fix is the lack of research or the low standards of research programs in the region’s universities. It is a major problem in our academic institutions, and it causes the migration of minds (“brain drain”). Although I know that many obstacles stand in the way of us improving in this domain, we must initiate projects in order to begin addressing this issue.

What would you change about the education system in the region? 
In my opinion, there should be a transitional phase between high school and university that would replace the last two years of high school. Instead of the repetitive school days in which students are not taught responsibility, we could better prepare them for the upcoming stage of their lives at university. 

Who is a figure that you consider a mentor? Why? 
My mentor is the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) because he was able to establish a new empire in less than 13 years. His perfect strategic planning in addition to his great leadership skills enabled him to do that and made all his companions extremely committed to the cause. Every detail of this man’s story is rich and teaches important morals.

What are your 3 most important personal values? Why?
The first value is being an effective planner and planning every detail in my life as a function of time. The second interconnected value is being punctual, accomplishing and completing all my pre-planned steps on time. A third quality is being reflective, thinking about important incidents that I face and learning as much as possible from them. 

Complete the following sentence: “A leader is someone who…”
A leader is someone who sees the potential in his teammates and helps them to unleash this potential through effective distribution of tasks and resources.

As someone who has been selected, what advice would you give to students who are interested in applying?
My advice for everyone is to make sure that they have a cause worth struggling for when they pursue their education. Although getting an education is not easy, those who really have a dream and work hard to do well can definitely succeed. 

Complete the sentence: “This region needs more…”
This region needs more research institutes and high-quality universities so that we can progress in terms of local technological advancements and developments. This will prevent brain drain by encouraging more Arabs to stay in the region.


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