Q&A with Amal Badr


Why did you choose to study this degree?
Since the industrial revolution and the development of the industrial field, significant damage has been done to our environment. Biotechnology helps to improve the environment by modifying harmful industrial processes and by making them more environmentally friendly. I would like to help make this world safer by promoting and contributing to this field.

What is one problem in the Arab world you would like to fix and why?
I would like to help promote research in the Arab World. The development of quality research in all fields will help us be more self-dependent in our daily and basic needs. It will also contribute to the region’s prosperity and development.

What would you change about the education system in the region?
The change I would make in our education system is to shift the focus from having students dependent on the material provided to them in school, such as textbooks or class notes to having them develop their research skills. I believe that students can learn more if they actively seek knowledge instead of it being given to them.                    

Who would be your ideal mentor and why?
My ideal mentor is Dr. Ahmed Zewail, Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry. Despite the hardships he faced in his journey, Dr. Zewail remained committed to his work. His willingness and enthusiasm to share his knowledge and expertise with the people around him inspires me and I hope I can follow in his footsteps one day.

What are your 3 most important personal values? Why?
The three most important personal values to me are courage, because with courage nothing will be able to beat a person out of following his or her dream; generosity in everything one owns or knows; and integrity in both my personal and professional lives.

Complete the following sentence: “A leader is someone who…”
A leader is someone who motivates and works with their team to reach their goals. Leadership is the ability to visualize the goal and to bring out the strengths and positive traits of each team member in order to achieve this shared goal.

As someone who has been selected, what advice would you give to students who are interested in applying?
Work hard and always be honest in whatever you do or say. Hard work will always lead to good things in your life and honesty will ensure that the good things you receive remain with you.

Complete the sentence: “This region needs more…
The region needs more motivated and ambitious individuals who are always eager to learn and cooperate with others.


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