Q&A with Dina Mohsen Ibrahim


Why did you choose to study this degree?
This degree will help me understand the basic biological concepts that will prepare me for a career in regenerative medicine.

What is one problem in the Arab world you would like to fix and why?
Organ donation. This is a global problem and is not confined to the Arab World. Many people who are on waiting lists to receive transplants die due to a shortage in organs that are donated. If we can succeed in engineering organs in a lab that could be used clinically, we would significantly reduce the burden of this problem.

What would you change about the education system in the region?
I would introduce creativity and innovation by developing new teaching methods that help students think freely. I would also promote scientific research by investing more funds in it.

Who would be your ideal mentor and why?
My mentor is Shinya Yamanaka, a Japanese scientist who won the Nobel Prize in 2012. Due to his perseverance and strong belief in what he was doing, he succeeded in introducing a smart solution to a scientific problem and indeed his discovery has had a massive impact on the stem cell research field.

What are your 3 most important personal values? Why?
Faith, because I have to first believe in myself and in what I am doing in order to be productive. Perseverance, because nothing can be accomplished without hard work, and failure is part of the learning process that will ultimately lead to success. And finally, responsibility, because I am a part of the community I live in and I have an obligation to try my best to address any challenges that my community is facing.

Complete the following sentence: “A leader is someone who…”
A leader is someone who guides others to think independently and inspires them to pursue their dreams

As someone who has been selected, what advice would you give to students who are interested in applying?
They should be committed to help their communities, the Arab region and the world. In other words, they should be driven not only by their personal interests, but by broader goals and a vision for how to improve the world around them.

Complete the sentence: “This region needs more…”
This region needs more courage, hard work, and faith that we can succeed.


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