Q&A with Issam Nayef Moussa


Why did you choose to study this degree?
I have a strong interest in electrical engineering and its potential to help the country I live in and my society develop. I chose this field because I hope to contribute to power planning and the development of improved power networks. Continuing my Master’s studies will help me develop the skills and knowledge to be a leader in the operation and design of electrical power systems in the future.

What is one problem in the Arab world you would like to fix and why?
One of the main problems in the Arab world is “brain drain,” which is the emigration of high numbers of skilled Arabs due to the lack of job opportunities. The larger challenge, though, is unemployment because it can lead to an increase in crime, poverty, humiliation, and worse.

What would you change about the education system in the region?
I would like to make the education system more practical by allowing students to study subjects and be involved in practical projects that are relevant to the careers they pursue. This way students could focus on developing a deep knowledge in the subjects they love rather than studying all subjects and becoming disinterested in school.

Who would be your ideal mentor and why?
My ideal mentor is my father, who has been in a coma since December 5, 2015. He taught me a great deal. He always had an answer to my problems and could direct me towards what is best for me.

What are your three most important personal values? Why?
My three most important personal values are my family, who have supported me my whole life and have offered me advice in all my biggest decisions; determination to do my best to reach my goals; and tolerance, which I believe is critical in life.

Complete the following sentence: “A leader is someone who…”
A leader is someone who is experienced, selfless and always willing to reach out and lend a helping hand.

As someone who has been selected, what advice would you give to students who are interested in applying?
I advise them to apply early and to do their absolute best in filling their applications. Good luck!!

Complete the sentence: “This region needs more…”
This region needs more educated people.


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