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Opinion Pieces

The link between education and philanthropy is critical to fighting climate change

By embedding education in climate action strategies, we can ensure an informed, proactive approach to sustainability     We live in a time marked by the urgent […]

Empowering the Next Generation: Green Education is Key

“If you want 10 years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want 100 years of prosperity, grow people.’ This ancient Chinese proverb remains relevant to humankind’s future, […]

Why early career skilling is so crucial for young Emiratis

It bridges the chasm between theoretical knowledge and practical application and instils a lifelong learning mindset that stays through the prime of productivity

An attack on any school in the world should be a problem for all of us

Education is under siege in too many countries and it is our collective duty to protect pupils and educators

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Inception Report: Our First Years in Review

Education impacts every facet of daily life. It propels human, economic, and social development, and empowers our future leaders. Three years ago, my father endowed the Abdulla […]

2017: A Year in Review

AGFE has made excellent progress towards its goals. This report illustrates AGFE’s key achievements in 2017.  Download the full Report  Back

Celebrating One Year of Empowering Youth Through Education

April 20, 2017 marks the one-year anniversary of operations at the Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation for Education. In our inaugural year, we made great strides and would […]

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Monthly Spotlights

March Spotlight – Online Learning: Pioneering the Future of Learning

Having completed my degree in an online learning environment has enabled me to adapt to new technology faster, improve my problem-solving skills and time management skills, and […]

February Spotlight – Nomu Women

Through Nomu Women, I gained valuable insights into building a professional profile on LinkedIn and crafting an effective resume. The program provided me with a deeper understanding […]

January Spotlight – TechUp: Cultivating Future Leaders Through Digital Upskilling

I joined TechUp because of my deep-rooted interest in the highly demanded data analysis and visualization field. TechUp’s interactive and hands-on approach improved not only my skills […]

December Spotlight – Nomu: A UAE Homegrown Initiative Going Regional


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Thought Leadership Outcome Papers

IGNITE TechTalk Lebanon: Empowering Youth in Lebanon through Digital Upskilling and Jobs

Upskilling in digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, cloud computing, and cybersecurity can equip Arab youth with the knowledge and expertise needed to thrive in […]

Experiential Learning: A Key to Better Talent Development

In the ever-changing landscape of education and employment, where rapid digitalization and a focus on skills-based learning are increasingly prominent, Experiential Learning (EL) has become a crucial […]

Supporting Online Learning in Tertiary Education

Online learning is gaining popularity and is expected to continue transforming traditional methods of education. It provides a great opportunity for the youth to access high-quality education […]

Empowering Tomorrow’s Workforce – Insights from a Work-Integrated Learning Readiness Assessment in the UAE

Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) is a form of experiential learning, where students complete authentic work-based activities as part of their higher education studies. WIL is a proven mechanism […]

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