Education for Elevated Livelihoods

H.E Abdulla Al Ghurair the founder of the Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation a philanthropic organization in the UAE.

"Seeking an education is not only about personal achievement but also our civic and religious responsibility as Arabs and Muslims. I hope this foundation will help deserving young Arabs fulfil their education quest, and that they in turn will help others."

Abdulla Al Ghurair, Our Founder



The Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation (AGF) aims to empower Emirati and Arab youth to thrive and contribute to the sustainable development of the region through innovative education solutions and authentic partnerships. As one of the largest privately funded philanthropic foundations in the Arab region, AGF supports the provision of high-quality technology-based education opportunities and the development of relevant skills for a successful transition into higher education and the labor market.

Founded in 2015, AGF is dedicated to realizing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 4, 8, and 17, which call for inclusive and equitable quality education that leads to improved standards of living for all and the strengthening of global partnerships. To make higher education in the Arab region more inclusive, relevant, and solution based, AGF creates strategic partnerships with international organizations, governments, NGOs, and universities to empower youth and create a lasting impact in the region.

AGF delivers high-quality upskilling and reskilling programs focused on future-facing skills. The Foundation incorporates the opinions of youth into the planning, development, and implementation of its programs, leading to a positive impact and long-term success. To date, AGF has benefited more than 98,000 youth and is targeting 200,000 by 2025.

Based in the United Arab Emirates, AGF has a strong and impactful presence in several Arab countries and around the world. The board of trustees is chaired by H.E. Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair, son of respected business leader Abdulla Ahmad Al Ghurair, the founder of the Foundation. 

A diverse group of people attentively listening to a presenter at the Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation in Dubai, UAE



Mr. Abdulla Ahmad Al Ghurair is a leading Emirati businessman and philanthropist. As a commitment to his faith, he was one of the first supporters of the development of the educational sector in the UAE.

Beginning in the early sixties, he built several schools, including the first school in the remote area of Masafi, to provide students with access to quality education.

Mr. Al Ghurair also built a model school in Dubai, which today is one of the leading public schools in the UAE.

He announced the establishment of the Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation (AGF) in 2015 as a non-profit, philanthropic organization.

The Foundation is the Al Ghurair family’s legacy of service, and it is committed to providing thousands of educational opportunities to students across the Arab region in its first ten years.

Through a pledge of one-third of his personal wealth, AED 4.2 billion, the AGF seeks to support

generations of Emirati and Arab youth by providing them the skills they need to become the future leaders of the region, contributing to growth and development in their communities. His contribution to philanthropy in the Arab region was recognized in 2016 when he was appointed the first Goodwill Ambassador for education in the Arab world by the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Science Organization (ALECSO).


In 2015, my father founded the Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation to ensure that Emirati and Arab youth have access to the support they need to thrive. He understood that prosperity and progress depend on access to inclusive, high-quality education and career development opportunities that lead to improved standards of living for all.

As Chairman of the Foundation, it is my personal mission to build upon the work of my father. Together with our partners, we are ensuring my family’s legacy is one of service. We are supporting relevant, high-impact solutions to the challenges of today, preparing our youth for the opportunities of tomorrow.

We are empowering leaders, upskilling careers, and elevating livelihoods through education. To achieve this, we prioritize transparency, accountability, and measurable impacts in all our work. We practice collaborative strategic philanthropy that is beholden to those we serve; providing services that are first and foremost responsive to our beneficiaries needs.

The best investment in the future of the Arab region is undoubtedly in supporting the education of the next generation. They are future leaders of innovation and are contributing to the sustainable development of the region, uplifting themselves and their communities.

We are honoured to be recognized as a key contributor to progress in the Arab region and hope that you will join us in building momentum for preparing Arab youth to fulfil their potential. Furthermore, we hope our efforts inspire others, raise the bar of success, and set a precedent for what can be accomplished through good governance, cross-sector partnerships, strategic thinking, and informed practices.


H.E. Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation

H.E Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair, Chairman of the Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation a non-profit organization in the UAE.



Dr. Sonia Ben Jaafar, Chief Executive Officer of the Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation a Philanthropic Organization in the UAE.

Dr. Sonia Ben Jaafar

Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Colette Burke, Senior Vice President - Finance & Operations at AGF and a Chartered Certified Accountant with ACCA.

Colette Burke

Senior Vice President
Finance and Operations

Ms. Danah Dajani, Senior Vice President - Partnerships & Programs at Abdulla Al Ghuraiar Foundation in the UAE.

Danah Dajani

Senior Vice President
Partnerships and Programs

Ms. Malakeh El Haj, Vice President - Knowledge & Innovation at Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation a philanthropic organization UAE.

Malakeh El Haj

Vice President
Knowledge and Innovation