Ahmed Saad

Mining and Materials Engineering

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
McGill University

Meet Ahmed Saad, an AGF scholar from Egypt who pursued a MS in Mining and Materials Engineering at McGill University

“By the end of my bachelor’s degree in nanoscience, it was a dream for me to pursue graduate studies in a one of the most renowned universities in the world such as McGill University. This dream only became true with the help of Al Ghurair Scholarship. The uniqueness of AL Ghurair scholarship is that it’s more than mere financial assistance; it provided and continues to provide academic and personal support. It is a factory of future Arab leaders.”

Ahmed Saad graduated from McGill University in 2020 and now is pursuing his PhD program at the same university to extend and deepen his research experiences.

“I hope I can bring my research experiences into the Arab world one day and translate it into products that can boost the economy. ”