Alaa Farag



Meet Alaa Farag, an AGF scholar from Egypt who pursued a MS in Biotechnology at the American University in Cairo

“Al Ghurair scholarship was simply my gate for a brighter future. From the early beginning, I was impressed that there is such a giving in the Arab world. Now, after I graduated, I can see people looking at me as if I achieved something reputable and honorable.”

Alaa graduated from the American University in Cairo in 2019, and now she is a beautiful mama to a lovely little boy, Omar. Being a mother for the first time, she is discovering herself, defining new aspects about her personality and realizing her effort limits.

Alaa is looking forward to continuing her PhD and starting her freelance work in scientific and medical translation and writing.

“Giving back is a must not an option. Of course, giving back to the whole community will not only be by helping others to get your same opportunity, but it is also by spreading the knowledge you have in your specific discipline, being merciful with those who don’t have and teach them until they acquire it. ”