Sara Omar

Android Developer

Amman, Jordan
ICS Financial Systems

Meet Sara Omar, an AGF scholar from Jordan who pursued a MS in Engineering in Software Engineering at Arizona State University.

“The numerous programs provided by AGF enable Arabs to connect with like-minded individuals and prepare them to be career-ready. That is exactly what we need for our community to elevate our livelihoods. I believe that having earned my master’s degree has transformed the way I view consistency, perseverance, and the value of hard work and without this scholarship none of that would’ve happened.”

Sara graduated from Arizona State University in 2022, and currently she is employed as an Android Developer at ICS Financial Systems in Amman, Jordan.

“In recent years, I’ve discovered that giving back doesn’t always mean providing money; rather, it can mean making a positive contribution to my community through volunteer work, charitable deeds, or even by using my own resources, and experiences to help others and support the causes that aligns with my values.”