Sherif Alhalafawy

Supply Chain Management

Seattle, Washington, United States

​Meet Sherif Alhalafawy, an AGF scholar from Egypt who pursued a Micro-Master’s in Supply Chain Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Al Ghurair Scholarship enabled my very first step towards achieving a significant milestone in my education and career, which is pursuing my Supply Chain Masters degree at MIT. I appreciate the role which Al Ghurair foundation played in supporting me to dream big and to pursue a life changing experience.”​

Sherif completed the program in 2019 and was able to pursue his Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management at MIT. Currently, he is employed as a Senior Program Manager at Amazon in the United States.​

Sherif is looking forward to giving supply chain consulting services in the humanitarian industry in Africa & Middle East regions.​

“Giving back to my community is a duty that I try to fulfill whenever/wherever possible. I believe it is one key pillar to giving me a sense of purpose in life.”