Yousif Adam

Environmental Engineering

New Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
Youth for Development and Leadership foundation (YDLF)
Center of Excellence for Water

Meet Yousif Adam, an AGF scholar from Sudan who pursued a MS in Environmental Engineering at the American University in Cairo

“The scholarship means the world to me. My family and the entire community in my hometown is so grateful, and they are looking forward to what I can do to support them in the future.”​

Yousif graduated from The American University in Cairo in 2019. During his studies, he received the Medhat Haroun Award for Scholarly Excellence which demonstrates outstanding thesis work in an engineering-related discipline. Also, Yousif co-founded The Youth for Development and Leadership Foundation (YDLF) in 2021.​

In its 2 offices in Cairo and Khartoum, YDLF addresses social justice and human development through education, youth and women empowerment, leadership, gender equity and equality, environmental sustainability, and promotes humanitarian assistance and development support in South Sudan.